World Summit 2016

In-house Counsel going Glocal; Global business, local rules – local business, global rules.

The duality embodied in the term glocalization is an integral part of the international, continental or regional practice of law engaged in by the modern in-house counsel irrespective of the size or geographic scope of the business he or she serves, given the realities of globalization. The location of the summit in Paris will highlight its roles as a major world legal center and will allow for interaction with French and European Institutions.

The overall theme is inspired by the neologism first coined in Japan, glocalization, or glocal, being a combination of global and local – derived from the Japanese word dochakuka which means global localization. This concept allies global trends with local realities. For business and networks, the term embodies global and local management within the framework of a worldwide economy; the adjustment of global supply according to local demand.

This concept embodies the practice of law within an international environment within which we must consider the implications of local law, culture, and business practices. In-house counsel are increasingly required to make choices within this theme, for example:

  • Choice of law for international contracts?
  • Where should computer servers be located?
  • How should whistleblower policies be implemented?
  • Should local or global counsel be selected?
  • Where should patents be filed?
  • Choice of jurisdiction and venue for litigation and choice of local or international arbitration?

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