World Summit 2018

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Beyond Borders: Business and Law in the Global Village

As in-house counsel, your reach is wider than the workplace and closer than meets the eye. The 2018 event theme, “Beyond Borders: Business and Law in the Global Village”, embodied the present and future of in-house counsel – both in Canada and abroad.

Hosted by the Canadian Corporate Counsel Association (CCCA) in celebration of its 30th anniversary, the 2018 In-House Counsel Worldwide (ICW) Summit was a combined event with the CCCA National Conference. The result? An exceptional national conference complete with a simultaneous global experience. With the ‘big picture’ in mind, the CCCA was successful in adding an international perspective to the in-house collective.

Top 5 reasons to attend the 2018 ICW Summit and CCCA National Conference

(by Cathy Cummings, Executive Director of the Canadian Corporate Counsel Association (CCCA). 26 January 2018)

Reason #1 – We are the world! – I have found when working with our global partners trough ICW that in-house counsel around the world have more in common than they do differences. While the substantive law practiced may differ everyone has the same things that keep them up at night from cyber security to managing human resources and doing more with less. This conference will give you an opportunity to network with your colleagues from India, France, England, Scotland, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Belgium, Germany, South Africa, United States, and New Zealand at a minimum and likely more countries when it is said in done. We take our conference theme Beyond Borders, Business and Law in the Global Village seriously.

Reason # 2 – We can make a difference – There is a theme of Human Trafficking and Labour Abuses running through the conference. CCCA has been at the forefront of preventing labour abuses and put forward a resolution to Canadian Bar Association Council in February 2016 which adopted model business principles to combat forced labour, labour trafficking and illegal or harmful child labour to help lawyers in private practice and in-house counsel to encourage their business clients to guard against labour abuses in their operations.,-Labour/Model-Business-Principles-on-Forced-Labour,-Labour-Trafficking,-and-Illegal-or-Harmful-Child-Labour.pdf

There are a number of workshop sessions that deal with this topic as well as the screening of the documentary “I am Jane Doe” on Sunday night, which in addition to the Human Trafficking issue will raise the question, “What do In-House Counsel do when faced with a moral dilemma on behalf of their organization” This is surely an issue that has global profile and we are proud that it is a theme not only in the keynotes but in the workshops as well.

Reason # 3 – We can lean into the future – As you know the conference will close with CBA’s The Pitch, our own legal Dragon’s Den. The theme of Innovation will run through the conference as well with speakers such as renowned legal futurists and bloggers, Mark Cohen and Joanna Goodman. I am particularly excited about the keynote address by Ambassador Rosemary McCarney, Canadian Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Geneva Switzerland who will speak on GLOBAL CYBERSECURITY: IS IT MORE LAW WE NEED? Ambassador McCarney is a well-known humanitarian and the former CEO of Plan Canada one of Canada’s largest and oldest international development agencies that introduced the “Because I am a Girl Campaign”.

Reason # 4 – There is something for everyone – Public Sector, Private Sector, International or Domestic I guarantee you there is something for you on the program. Whether it is personal development through proactive wellness in RESILIENCY: UNBLURRING THE LINES BETWEEN STRESS AND PRESSURE presented by Wendy Lund who works extensively with first responders or professional development in DESIGNING YOUR FUTURE: BUILDING BLOCKS FOR THE ULTIMATE IN-HOUSE COUNSEL using the ICW Universal Competencies Profile that will be published by Lexis Nexis and distributed at the conference you will leave the conference with tools and knowledge to enhance your practice in a demonstrable way.

Reason # 5 – It is time to celebrate – Since 1988 the CCCA has grown from a small group of Toronto based in-house lawyers to a 5100+ strong national group that encompasses all aspects of practice in all sectors of the Canadian and Global economy. We will have a 30th anniversary dinner which will be a great opportunity to network and celebrate the fact that the in-house bar is the fastest growing (and arguably most exciting)  segment in the legal sector.

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